Building data-led infrastructure for precise orbital insights

Better datasets and precise models for a more nuanced understanding of the orbital environment.

Space MAP

is transforming space operations

Mission-critical insights for optimal spacecraft operations.

Currently only 4% of >1 million objects are tracked

We need better data on objects in orbit.

Building the biggest catalogue of Space Situational Awareness data.

Proprietary space-based sensors

LiDAR-enabled opto-electronic payload for precise object tracking up to 1cm.

Multimodal space situational awareness data pool

Data collated from various sensors including active and passive radars, GPS, satellite laser ranging systems, optical telescopes, star trackers, etc.

Mapping diverse datasets to the right space object

Holistic information is key to safer space operations, enabled by sensor fusion.

Truly agnostic data engine

Enables data ingestion from any sensor

Data association

Facilitates the right identification of objects

Data Fusion

Help in building precise data sets

Comprehensive Awareness

Augmented by near real-time space weather data

Urgent need to characterise orbital behaviour

Accurate orbit Determination plays a critical role in building high fidelity analytics.

Creating building blocks for safer space operations

Derive position, velocity, and attitude

For effective orbit characterisation

Estimate covariance matrix

Helps build confidence in the data

Accurate projection of orbital position

For better risk assessment

Need to create a more sustainable ecosystem

With space becoming increasingly contested, there is a need to support sustainable space operations at scale.

Easing space operations at scale


Enabling deep integration into existing systems

Cloud-based single window platform

  • Modular
  • Interactive GUI for awareness
  • Detailed reports + analytics

Space navigation made easy